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Wet Basement Carpet

Michigan Basements BBB Business Review

Wet Basement Carpet

Michigan Basements BBB Business Review

Wet Basement Carpet - Michigan Basements

Basement carpet that’s been exposed to water leakage and now has mold & mildew growth

Every homeowner knows the many responsibilities they have to maintain their home. One of the most common household problems is having basement leakage and all the other problems it can cause. With the guidance of Michigan Basement Contractors and an effective basement waterproofing system, you can keep out excessive damp and water from the basement. Thus, it will also eliminate the risk of having wet basement carpet. The places that are exposed to basement leakage are usually the area covered with your carpet.

Once a basement waterproofing system has been installed by our experts, we will carefully check whether or not your basement carpet or padding has grown mildew or mold. Typically this looks like dark green spots and sometimes even black in color. Another hint of carpet dampness is the presence of a musty smell that can be due to mildew or mold.

Repairing Basement Leakage

A wet basement can be caused from various sources like cracks in the foundation of your house, leaking pipes, structural problems at your house or even improper drainage systems. You need to call a professional basement contractor like Michigan Basements which is reliable and experienced in getting an effective solution. We offer many basement leak repair techniques and products, our professionals can repair your basement leaks regardless of the type. We will leave you with the dry basement that you need.

Waterproofing Systems for Basement

Do you often notice that your basement carpet is wet in your home? If so, then chances are that you have damp or moisture problem in your basement. And this problem has to be solved as soon as possible. You cannot delay it or ignore it as this can get quite serious in long term. A wet basement can cause a lot of problems such as growth of mold, musty smell, damages to the precious belongings of your house including furniture, floors, carpet etc. So, it is very important to treat the basement as soon as possible.

Contact a Basement Professional Immediately

Treating basement moisture is never an easy job. This is one of those home projects when it’s better to call a professional contractor that is experienced and reliable in repairing and finishing basements. Contact Michigan Basements and we will help you treat your basement’s damp or moisture problem with utmost care and efficiency. We have all the essential products, tools and repairing systems to repair the leakage problems (if any). Our experts are trained and experienced enough to find out the cause of the damp in your basement. Contact us for a free inspection!