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Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

Michigan Basements BBB Business Review

Reasons to Waterproof Your Basement

Michigan Basements BBB Business Review

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A damp basement is a serious problem. The presence of constant moisture makes it a breeding ground for mold and even structural damage. Waterproofing your basement is an excellent way to preserve your health and your home.

Protecting Your Family

Mold does not need a large puddle of standing water to start forming. In fact, it only needs mild temperatures, some humidity in the air and a food source. The average basement is filled with food sources ranging from the paint on cinder blocks to cardboard storage boxes.

Eliminating standing water and any moisture in the air discourages mold growth, which, in turn, will make the air in your home safer for your family to breathe.

Lower Energy Costs

A dry basement is an energy efficient basement.

The same cracks that allow water to pour in when it rains are also allowing drafts to enter the space, which makes it colder in the winter and can wreak havoc on your heating costs. Moisture in the basement will infiltrate the rest of your home and ultimately cause your air conditioner to work harder in the summer.

Increase Your Living Space

There are countless ways to use the vast, open space of a clean and waterproofed basement. Some people opt for a state-of-the-art home theater, and others make it into a great play area for the kids. Once your basement is dry, the possibilities are endless!

Protecting Your Investment

No potential homebuyer wants a wet basement. Savvy consumers know the warning signs, including high-water marks on walls, musty odors, efflorescence on the cinder blocks and mildew. In addition, failure to disclose a wet basement can leave homeowners at risk for lawsuits.

We offer transferrable warranties with all of our waterproofing services, which will allow you to confidently tell a potential buyer that your basement is dry and warrantied against leaks.

Peace of Mind

Imagine not nervously checking your basement for water during every rainstorm. Or storing items with confidence downstairs, knowing that your belongings are protected from mold, rot and water damage.

The Michigan Basements Difference

We can waterproof your basement in as little as one day. And we stand by our work with a full warranty. Plus:

  • We are fully bonded and insured
  • Our work is backed by a full warranty
  • Michigan Basements is BBB accredited with an A+ rating
  • We offer 0% financing

Call (248) 327-0065 today to schedule a free inspection and estimate and to learn how our waterproofing services can work for you and your family.