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Cracked Basement Walls

Michigan Basements BBB Business Review

Cracked Basement Walls

Michigan Basements BBB Business Review

Basement wall cracks are almost always attributed to foundation wall cracks. Most home owners, in spite of becoming conscious of the problem, don’t treat or address the issue until it gets to be a significant foundation-threatening situation. The most impending worry, which turns off a homeowner from repairing, is pricey cost.

Michigan Basements uses newer techniques, products and equipment which allows us to repair both horizontal and vertical wall cracks in an efficient and more affordable way.

The leading cause of basement wall cracks is improper drainage. Both older and newer homes have wall cracking issues due to under compensation of appropriate drainage throughout the foundation. Water fails to drain properly due to inadequate sloping and improper drainage capacity. Improper drainage will raise the moisture content within the soil and create hydrostatic pressure down and against the basement walls.

The more hydrostatic pressure that stresses and presses down the basement walls in conjunction with soil stress from the encompassing region will eat away at the resistance potential of the basement walls. This stress is exhibited from the shape of cracks, crevices, bows and leans on the wall surface.

Another contribution to basement wall cracks may be expansive clay. Clay is incredibly porous in nature and features a tendency to increase when water seeps in and then contracts when it dries up. Not having the right amount of water-proofing, the expansive clay swells up and exerts huge amount of stress around the basement wall, as a result forcing it to crack and open.

Basement wall cracks, if left unattended, can become immensely detrimental. Pushing off repairing your basement wall crack will lead to a lot more substantial and pricey repair than addressing the issue as soon as possible.

A basement wall crack are is an issue that needs urgent attention from a professional basement contractor like Michigan Basements. We utilize efficient methods and tools to repair and make your basement wall substantially stronger. Even the thinnest of cracks require urgent restoration, as an individual crack contributes to the larger or more cracks, and no crack can ever get repaired adequately without the intervention of a skilled basement foundation wall repair specialist.

You may be tempted to save money and try a do it yourself repair, but this is not a recommended course of action. The problem stems from the fact that even the best “DIY” plan is not going to match up with what an experienced contractor can accomplish. Hiring a professional like Michigan Basements will give you peace of mind by applying right course of action.

The Michigan Basements Difference

We can fix cracks and waterproof your basement in as little as one day. And we stand by our work with a full warranty. Plus:

  • We are fully bonded and insured
  • Our work is backed by a full warranty
  • Michigan Basements is BBB accredited with an A+ rating
  • We offer 0% financing

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