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Basement Condensation Issues

Basement Condensation Issues

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Have you ever noticed any type of musty odor coming from your family’s basement or crawlspace? If you have, then it could be due to an excess amount of moisture building up in your basement. In a lot of cases, this excess amount of moisture is a result of condensation which forms during hot summer months in your area. Although this moisture problem is not as bad as a leaking basement, it can still lead to a number of structural problems or inhibit mold growth if not properly addressed.

Basement Condensation Repair

Prevent the condensation from shaping in your basement and call Michigan Basements. We’ll send one of our experts to diagnose as to where the vast majority of the water is coming in from. Leaking can happen due to many reasons: leaking roofs, guttering, or chimney flashing; leaking in internal or external pipes in the household; or bad damp-proof course, rendering or brickwork. There is a reason why this is such a critical issue. After prolonged periods of condensation buildup, the mold that starts to grow in this area has the capability to destroy the drywall and also your personal household items that are present in that area. After some time this dampness can lead to harming your house with peeling paint off windows, and walls. This can lead to dark molds forming on windows, yet you may likewise see mold forms on the walls, and even on the drapes, where condensation has been permitted to develop after some time.

Crawlspace Condensation and Moisture Removal

To deal with crawl space condensation and moisture elimination, reach out to Michigan Basements and we can offer assistance. One of our experts will pay a visit to your residential location and start their job of searching for possible signs of development of condensation. Our experienced staff will take into consideration many factors and parameters before reaching a final conclusion on the source of condensation. After review the inspection results with you, we will offer solutions to eliminate the problem of condensation permanently. At last, the best possible crawlspace condensation and moisture removal steps will be established and your home will look far better, feel better, and be substantially more energy-efficient. Our products will eliminate the source of condensation in your basement; remove smelly odors arising from mold and the mold itself.