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Top Reasons 5 You Should Waterproof Your Basement

Michigan Basements BBB Business Review

Top Reasons 5 You Should Waterproof Your Basement

Michigan Basements BBB Business Review

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Your basement is an important part of your home, it’s not just a place to store things. Most homeowners tend to experience problems with their basements. Some of these problems include: foundation cracking, basement seepage, water flooded basement and so on. It is increasingly important that homeowners find effective ways of resolving these problems. Do this will actually prevent water weakening the home’s structure and causing damage to the foundation. Basement waterproofing has actually proved to be one of the most effective ways of dealing with such problems. The following are some of the benefits of waterproofing your basement with products from Michigan Basements:

1. Protect your investment.

Water seepage in the basement will cause major structural damage over time like leaning or cracked walls. Waterproofing your basement will help prevent this structural damage. Every homeowner should protect their investment by maintaining a strong foundation.

2. Eliminate critters from your basement

Your basement can actually have some living creatures especially as a result of moisture and so on. Some of these creatures include: spiders, caterpillars, centipedes and so on. These creatures can afford to live there because of the high levels of humidity in your basement. This can be detrimental. They can actually breed disease and reproduce quickly.

3. Ensure that your basement is odor free

Stagnant water doesn’t just attract bugs and critters. It can also foster the growth of mold and mildew. Mold over time can make your loved ones sick. This can also make your give off a very bad smell. Eliminate moisture from your basement by waterproofing it.

4. Increase the space and value of your home.

Most people normally think that the basement is for storage and washing clothes. However, this is wrong. You will realize that the basement normally represents an entire floor. This is the reason why you should waterproof it so that you can utilize it with more important things. You can actually use the basement to extend your living space for an exercise room, theatre, bar area, bathroom or a large recreational space. Waterproofing it will also increase the value of your property. This can give you an advantage if you decide to sell your home later in life.

5. Reduce energy costs.

You will realize that you can actually reduce your energy costs by waterproofing your basement. Sealing old cracks can increase energy efficiency by preventing cold air from entering during fall and winter. In addition, in the humid months, cracks in your foundation can cause excess moisture to enter your house. This means that you have to use your air conditioner more thereby increasing the energy costs. However, if you waterproof your basement, you can mitigate this problem.

These are just some of the benefits of waterproofing your basement by using products and services from Michigan Basements. Contact us for a free inspection so you can enjoy the results for years to come.